CCTV Systems

Record & Monitor With Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV is an essential component of any security system, providing you with real time monitoring and continual recording enhanced by motion detection and activity monitoring alerts from single or multiple sites. CCTV cameras give you greater control of perimeter protection or public area surveillance. The new IP technology embraces fast moving, colour, day/night, thermal imaging, fixed, pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) and dome cameras.

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These can be installed in covert, discreet or prominent locations, as needed. Hard-wired, structured cabling, IP network, fibre optic or wireless transmission can be used to create the ideal solution with the least disruption. Digital Video Recording (DVR) and Network Video Recording (NVR) complete the system to provide exactly what you need.

Nova offer system design services for commercial properties and high-end domestic properties including systems with a single digital recorder to multisite networked systems.

  • Avoid disruption to operations
  • Keep your staff and assets safer
  • Liberate and manage resources more efficiently
  • Increase response times to potential breaches in security
  • Monitor activity from anywhere in the world – quickly and easily
  • Reduce crime and damage to property
  • Keep insurance costs lower
  • Ensure a safe environment

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